Through HoosierDevil, I help artists and venues get the word out about their music and events using design, promotion, and a whole bunch of enthusiasm. 

What I Do

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What they're saying:

"I've called Maggie as one of the hardest working people in the music business. Guided by her sincere love of music and the artists that make some of the best, Maggie has bootstrapped her way to becoming an industry leader. I've watched over a few short years as she has emerged from an exclusive publicist and venue street team member to a social media guru and manager. These goals could only be met by someone with a fearless passion for music promotion. Also, she's a darn good artist herself! I think Maggie is the future of the music business and I'm proud to be associated with an individual of her caliber."

- Ty Gilpin, Crossroads Label Group/Unspoken Tradition

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What they're saying:

"Maggie is not only a joy to work alongside, but a wealth of knowledge when it comes to live events, marketing, event development, and the music industry at large. Her deep passion for music and events really shines in all that she sets out to do. When bringing Maggie on to an events team, you can be sure that her enthusiasm will be infectious and her ability to work with others truly stands out. Maggie worked in a variety of important pre-event, on-site and post-event roles for our Chantilly Farm Bluegrass & BBQ Festival and truly took our social media engagement and marketing efforts to another level. We couldn't imagine producing a future festival without enlisting Maggie's help."

- Jason Gallimore, Chantilly Farm

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I'm proud to work with the following artists & events...

What they're saying:

“I love having a working relationship with Hoosier Devil and Maggie Rainwater. In the music world of today where promotion, media and culture make it about everything but the music, musicians need the support. I like focusing on creating and performing music because that’s where my passion lies. That leaves a lot of things that I need help with. Maggie has been a HUGE asset in assisting with my social media, digital media and marketing and a plethora of other needs. I couldn’t be more grateful and happy. The teamwork makes the dream work and no one is self made. Good help and support is vital for any business, but I couldn't do this without her.”

- Darren Nicholson