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Hi! I'm Maggie Rainwater.

Welcome to Rainwater Poster Co., where I provide creative design and promotion services for artists and events. Using physical and digital media, I help musicians, venues, and event creators in the roots music community spread the word about what they do and connect with new audiences - with the goal of sharing inspiration and creating positive experiences. My services and strategies help artists and event producers stress less about their promotion and focus on bringing great music into the world. 

Inspiration is my love language.

All the greatest experiences and most inspiring moments in my life have involved music: 

that song that hits at the perfect time. 

meeting the music community out at shows. 

hearing a lyric that makes everything make sense. 

that moment, mid-show, when you feel connected to everyone and everything around you.

My goal is to connect musicians, venues, and events with people who will be inspired by what they do, to create experiences like the ones that have been such a huge influence on me. Things like...

finding a new favorite song through Facebook.

hearing the "why" behind a band's work on an Instagram behind-the-scenes.

learning the band you love is finally coming to your town through Bandsintown.

reading a website that brings to life all the facets of an artist's story.

seeing a poster that makes you stop and look for tickets right then and there.

Papa 2.jpeg

I'm the third generation in my family who's worked in music promotion.

This photo was taken around 1952... that's my granddad, Jody Rainwater, in the middle with the bass. From 1949 to 1952, he was the one-man booking and promotional agent for Flatt & Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys - while also playing bass, singing bass, and doing comedy! After his time with Flatt & Scruggs, he spent decades spinning music on the radio, as did my mom, Charlie Rainwater. 

Today, I combine modern-day promotional tools and my own years of experience with the same spirit of hard work and determination that my grandfather used back in the day - using design, promotion, and lots of enthusiasm to get the word out about music and events.

"In the music world of today where promotion, media, and culture make it about everything but the music, musicians need the support.

I like focusing on creating and performing music because that’s where my passion lies. That leaves a lot of things that I need help with.

Maggie has been a HUGE asset in assisting with my social media and a plethora of other needs.

Good help and support is vital for any business, and I couldn't do this without her.”
- Darren Nicholson

Rainwater Poster Co. promotes artists and events through:

Web Design Portfolio
Desk and Stationery

Current + Past Clients Include:

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Darren Nicholson

Steve Thomas & The Time Machine

East of Monroe


Jesse Smathers

Darren Beachley

Alma Russ

Nick Dauphinais

John Cowan

John McEuen


Let's get to know
each other.

I love connecting with people both online and in person! You'll often find me out at events in western North Carolina - whether I'm shooting socials for a client or just enjoying the music. You can also find me on social media, or reach out to me directly right here on the site. 

"Have a good day

'cause it's a good day for it."

-Jody Rainwater

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